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Official music video for MC Devvo’s new single “DONNY SOLDIER”

5 Responses to “MC Devvo – Donny Soldier – Music Video”

  1. ryan

    24. Nov, 2009

    wet tha fak u lookin at ya foking gaaeeeeeeeey

  2. jojo

    25. Nov, 2009

    ur a fucking muppet,,,

  3. Rob

    28. Jan, 2010

    Devv´s got m8´s in Estonia! Gr8!

  4. spudknockers

    22. Apr, 2010

    a banged your mum like i did to vipers

  5. devvo

    09. Nov, 2010

    I think its a rather interesting eclectic pallet of ethnic influenced root music. Well done young man. Bravo for Devvo.

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